La mort de la Génisse

I just wanna be free, I just wanna be me

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It’s one of the most relieving things for me knowing that I support social equality

'cause I just realized my designer cousin is conservatory and I really can't see mysef like that. I mean, as the profession of an Industrial Designer, is rather odd having traditional and conservatory thoughts like - it's a profession based on the new and the liberty of making so many things! -sigh- but as someone from the freedom part I let him discuss in the best way 'calm down your tits'

Also the entire family thinks being gay is a ‘inevitable problem’ what’s like REALLY DISGUSTING and I just want to cry

Filed under and my own uncle likes to beat in gays and he thinks is right and fun seriously I wanna cry I'm so sad with them all I don't want to see them again like EVER personal